Greenlight Hollywood 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe 1/64 Scale

I don’t usually collect cars and this is at the time of writing still the only car in my collection, although I have on several occasions considered whether or not to expand on this collection both within this 1/64 scale range, and the (much cooler) 1/18 scale range. This same car in the 1/18 scale looks absolutely amazing, but it’s also got a price tag to boot, so I’m sticking with this little one for now.

But why did I even buy it in the first place?

You will have gathered by now that I’m a sucker for Funko pop figures, but I also have a very nice collection of 5″ Macfarlane Walking Dead figures from the AMC tv show (not the comic series, I’m not a fan of those figures), the vast majority of which are signed. I had the opportunity to obtain an autograph from Madison Lintz who played Carols daughter Sophia Peletier in the first couple of series of the Walking Dead. However, there are no Macfarlane figures (which would have been preferable) or Funko pops of Sophia, and the only thing I could hunt down was this car, but what’s the relevance?

If you’ve not seen the Walking Dead from the start yet I can’t help you, so just in case those people still exist, this next bit is going to contain some season 2 spoilers!


As Ricks group hit the road, they stop at a massive pile up of cars and the ensuing traffic jam to see if they can gather some supplies when they notice a small horde approaching them amongst the cars. Having to quickly find refuge some of the group hide underneath the vehicles, including Sophia – a hideout which she leaves too early and is chased in to the woods by some walkers. Rick follows her and asks her to hide under a tree root on the bank of a river while he distracts some walkers (why he didn’t just kill them then or took so long to take them out of the way is beyond me, but hey it happened). Of course when he returns, she’s no longer there!

Days and days pass as they (in particular Daryl) search for her and hope of finding her soon dwindles. In the earlier days however as the group need to leave the road and head over to Hershel’s farm, they need to make sure to get a message out to Sophia as they can’t have someone keeping watch on the road (from the safety of a vehicle for some reason). So they leave a message which reads “Sophia stay here we will come every day” along with a small pack of supplies.

Of course we all know that she doesn’t return and actually finds her way rounded up in Hershel’s barn as a walker and is amongst those as they are let out of the barn and slaughtered. Rick is the one to put her down with a shot, and it is this reason why we never saw an action figure of her – she just wasn’t around too long, even though she is one of the most well known and impactful walkers on the show.

The Model

This model is the size of your average hot wheels car so the detail is all very small but as a result also relatively limited. It does still look like a toy which you could happily give to a child to completely wreck other than a couple of little nuances which make you realise that it is a little more special than that.

Firstly, it’s small and difficult to read, but that message is written on the windscreen of the car and it is actually lovingly known as the “Sophia message car”. Even smaller than that and easy to miss because it’s separated in the blister pack is a tiny little care package just like in the film.

Other than that the detail is fairly limited (I think even the doors don’t actually open), but as I said it really is a small car, and if you want the detail you’ll have to go for the larger version which is getting more and more difficult to buy.

It’s really well packaged though which is nice, especially as it actually fits in really well with my Macfarlane collection and you don’t think about it being out of place for a second. I think for display purposes amongst my particular collection it does help that it is autographed, and even though the character is only OK and I don’t follow the actress in any other roles, it’s probably one of my favourite Walking Dead pieces.