Magic Madhouse Funko Pop Mystery Box: Unboxing

When we attended MCM Comic Con in London for their 2019 October date, the best stall for Funko pop figures appeared to be the Magic Madhouse one. Most of their sales space is reserved for board and card games, along with associated products (like dice and card expansion packs etc), but to the side there is always a long neat looking table in an L-shape, backed with equally neat shelving, both of which nicely display a huge collection of pop figures.

The selection of pops available is impressive enough on its own and their generally pretty reasonably priced, especially by con standards where pops can run up in price some times (maybe for smaller sellers to leave room for haggling or offering quantity discounts). However what was even better value was their small mystery box package which was £15 for 2 mystery pop figures (1 standard and 1 chase or exclusive).

We’ve had experiences with mystery pop boxes before, and it’s not usually been great, but at £15 for 2 pops are you really going to complain too much? I don’t think so.

They come in a nice black box with the company logo on and sealed at the back with a security sticker, so they actually also make a really good ready to go gift for any one you know who might want a couple of pops.

There’s not much to say about the opening – I opened it up, I looked inside and I liked the pops, end of story really! But what was so nice about it was that for once I was actually happy with the content. I received:

Standard Funko Pop

Supreme Leader Snoke

I don’t collect loads of Star Wars pops as there are so many of them available and don’t plan on getting the full set, however I do have some as I like the franchise as a whole. I wouldn’t have chosen to buy Snoke if I saw him in the shop but as a result I didn’t have him and I’m not offended by now having him in my collection – thumbs up for him.

Special Funko Pop

Destiny Cayde-6 Golden Gun (Glow in the Dark) GameStop Exclusive

I don’t or never have played Destiny, so I have no idea what it is or who this character is, however it looks pretty cool. As such I would never have purchased it, but again it’s a pop which looks really cool amongst my others and certainly isn’t out of place so again a thumbs up for this one.

I ended up keeping both of these even though they’re not ones I would usually collect, so the box was a moderate success, especially considering it only cost £15!

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