Do we Need More Music Funko Pops?

I think the simple answer to this is yes!

Funko is a pop culture company, but of course does still I think cater more towards the nerdy end of the pop culture spectrum (animated movies, comics, anime, fantasy etc), and that some of the more mainstream fandoms are a little more left out. I have noticed that lately there has been a slight increase in the number of sports related pops such as American football, soccer (or just football as its correctly known) and baseball, although sports don’t overly interest me so I have no idea how well these sell. They have also recently announced a few more from the public realm such as a few more presidents and a handful of artists.

Perhaps Funko are starting to see an increase in interest in these markets and are becoming less of a fringe product – certainly interest in the brand as a whole continues to go through the roof, with Funkos being available in the most most surprising places (recently even Tesco and Primark in the UK had their own exclusives – although I never actually saw the Tesco ones anywhere), and comic cons being about 25% Funko stalls!

For me this isn’t a problem as I love seeing more and more different cool figures getting produced, but I’d like to see just a few more produced for my interest in music. They had fairly recently announced a Rob Zombie one and a Marilyn Manson one too. I must say the initial renderings didn’t look amazingly like Marilyn Manson (the Zombie one was pretty good looking) but when they eventually hit the shelves you can bet your ass that I’ll be buying them!

Admittedly there are many many movie and tv series characters which turn in to amazing pops… By design they should be cool looking to begin with, especially for genres like sci-fi, horror and fantasy, and mostly musicians might not have quite the same appeal, but on the other hand there are plenty who put a lot of effort in to looking unique on stage or in their music videos – certainly more so than the majority of sports personalities. So who do I think would make a great pop in the music world?

Musicians who would make great pops

So Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie would be top of the list but as those are already being produced at some point in the future, who else do we have?

  • Gwar (the whole band) – they already look like pops anyway so wouldn’t need too much design work
  • Lordi (the whole band)
  • David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust
  • Slipknot (the whole band) – this would be one of the best sets ever produced!
  • Yelawolf
  • Lady Gaga (in her iconic meat dress)
  • Steel Panther (the whole band)
  • The Prodigy (or at least Keith Flint and Maxim)
  • Mick Jagger
  • Blink 182 – but the whole old band! I know Mark and Travis have pops but I’d like to see Tom in there too maybe as a triple pack from the What’s My Age Again video – you know the one
  • Chester Bennington
  • Not a musician but music related – Flat Eric
  • Rammstein (the whole band)
  • Johnathan Davies (preferably a more recent one now that he looks a bit more rugged with that beard)

Which musicians would you like to see turned in to pops? Or do you think popping musicians is a waste of designer time and you want to rather see more Deadpools? There are SO many Deadpools! I’m glad I never started collecting that line!

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