Origin (YouTube Premium) Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m very new to online streaming… and honestly I’m not even that old so I really don’t know what my excuse is. I guess I’m just too hung up on good old fashioned DVDs for my movies and enjoy the convenience of having my broadband and tv with Sky. But on our latest holiday I decided that I wanted to download a bunch of videos to my iPad for my baby and decided to go for the free trial of YouTube premium… I’m glad I did, cause I also discovered Origin.

The Origin is a space ship owned by the Siren Corporation which is going to send a large number of colonists to a newly discovered planet which can support human life, called Thea. These colonists are all being given a clean slate and a chance to start a fresh… This can mean a wide range of different things, from them being criminals (of all sorts of levels), doing the dirty work of governments and large corporations, having lost someone or something or just having screwed up with life in general.

The Origin however runs in to trouble just days from their destination when they are struck by a meteorite which may have carried something on board. Something which threatens the mission and everyone on board.

We join the story as the members of a specific pod wake from hyper-sleep and try to find their way around the ship before ultimately trying to find out what has happened and what they can do moving forward.

In each episode we follow the story unfold whilst also learning about the backgrounds of the passengers. It’s a really creative mixture of sci-fi, survival horror, drama, thriller and crime series rolled in to one beautiful space bound rotisserie… You have to watch to see the reference. But it really is beautifully produced. Having not watched any YouTube originals before and seeing that they don’t have that many yet, I was pleasantly surprised by the high budget feel of this show. The effects are realistic and the whole ship is beautifully engineered. Even the acting was on-point considering that I personally didn’t recognize too many of the cast.

Whilst the story is really original and the story telling matches this, and it has some really nice touches of realism which many sci-fi shows miss, there are a lot of things – especially when it comes to the topic of the difference between outside a space ship & inside a space ship and what happens when the thing closing off the two from one another suddenly opens. There are a few references to this throughout the show which niggled at me a little, but overall I absolutely loved this show and we binge watched the whole series over 3 nights of our holiday when our baby wanted to go to bed early and we had to retire to the room for the evening.

Can’t wait to see if they can take it further for a second series as I think the concept has plenty of room for taking the story as a whole further, whether with any characters from this series or a different set of characters… That’s the beauty of creating a whole new world!

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