Power Rangers Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I used to watch the Power Rangers when I was a kid and remember it fondly as something to watch before heading off to school or on a Saturday morning.  It was one of the few things which my sister and I would do together at that age, but this was over 20 years ago, and the show hasn’t been a part of my life since then and didn’t leave a huge impact if I’m going to be honest.  I was aware that the show had seen many changes and that in 2017 it had been given a new movie overhaul, but never gave it a chance – it really didn’t interest me at all.

We then went on a cruise where it played literally every single day and always seemingly at very slightly different times, so even though I never saw the entire film in one go I saw sections of it every day which over lapped in various sections and ended up giving me a full view of the film several times over…. And you know what?  It actually surprised me.

The first time I saw it, it was half way through and I wasn’t too interested, but then when I eventually saw the beginning I was able to get in to the film much better.  

The film is based on the old premise of the series but gave it a modern twist, something for today’s youth and those who remember the old Power Rangers to get their teeth in to!  These Power Rangers are a new breed of hero coming from a high school, where even alpha 5 notes that there are 5 different coloured rangers for 5 different coloured teenagers.  Now that’s not entirely true but yes there are different ethnicities but also different walks of life represented between the 5 Power Rangers, which is nice to see in today’s diverse world.  I think there’s a Power Ranger whom everyone can relate to, but I remember this being something which was true for the original rangers too.  Everyone is going to have their own favourite Power Ranger.

It does start off a little slow and to be honest the action doesn’t last that long.  This is a sci-fi action movie, but it’s also very much a teen drama which you see right from the start.  There are moody teens, insecurities, there’s a nerd, a jock and someone whose always on the move…. There’s therefore inevitably plenty of room for drama and back story discussions.

The Power Ranger armours have also been updated a little, but you can still easily tell that these are the Power Rangers.  These armours work perfectly alongside the high use of visual effects and CGI throughout much of the film – specially once they start to morph, is of a really high quality and used in perfect proportions.  It never takes away from the film, and just adds to the story telling process.

One thing I will add is that the female villain (Rita, played by Elizabeth Banks) does seem a little bit ripped off hall we say…. She’s not a rip off of any particular female villain, but more so of all of them.  She feels like equal parts Disney Evil Princess Witch, Hella and the mummy from the Tom Cruise (I have to say very under rated) film…. The Mummy.  You do find yourself rooting for the Power Rangers from the start (which of course is the whole idea), but more so just because you want them to defeat their adversary and get her off the screen (although not because of the performance – the performance was absolutely fine, she’s just not a great character).  The only other negative thing I did think when the film starts to develop is that they use the most puny sounding laser weapons I’ve ever heard…. You can’t take those weapons seriously – at all!

All in all if you liked the old Power Rangers or are a young sci-if fan, I’d certainly recommend that you give this a go.

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