Nerd News: All the MCM London Exclusives Now Released

I’ve been waiting patiently for this, especially as the MCM website seems to be a little slow on the update speed this year, with the Twitter feeds of individual companies being a little quicker. So here is what appears to be the final lineup of the Funko exclusives at the upcoming London Comic Con – hopefully I can actually get in the Funko stall this time, cause there are some pops here which I really want to get my hands on!

3 different designed Loungefly bags including a red stormtrooper.

2 Movie moments sets with pumpkin jack as well as the 3 witches from Hocus Pocus

4 sets of tshrits with Funk o’s from the looks of it. These include a Chewbacca, storm trooper, Darth vader and a marvel design.

Finally, and of most interest to me are 5 pops which include Dustin, Stitch with a pumpkin, green chrome hulk, purple chrome joker and shigaraki.

I know a lot of people are disappointed this time around but to each their own – for me there is actually more here than there was at the start of the year.

All images property of Funko, taken from their European Twitter feed.

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