Baldwin the Unfortunate Bear figure by Charlotte Something

I’ve been following Charlotte Something on Instagram for a few years now (a couple of her accounts actually) as she’s a great cosplayer, fun model to follow and has crazy illustration talents!

She sells a wide variety of items in her shop, and I believe has even more on her Patreon, although having never been a Patron I couldn’t say for sure. But along with art prints, badges and stickers I found 2 items of particular interest on her online shop and decided to finally go for it and buy some of her art (I got 3 signed illustration prints) along with this little bear figure and a comic based on him.

So Baldwin, is a bear, and he’s really unfortunate – ’nuff said!

That’s about all there is to know about him although I know that Charlotte has in the past drawn him in various predicaments (I believe she also sometimes does these drawings live on Twitch, or at least she used to), and of course has made a little comic where he falls in love with a face hugger… As you do… And you can imagine how that might turn out… Or does it?

The two items go really well together and I actually like Baldwin even more than I thought… Partly because he’s so damn shiny! I don’t know what he’s made of to be honest. I assume it might be resin but it does feel like some kind of clay covered with enamel – which would make sense as the company which produced them for her specialise in enamel badges. Either way, for a little 3 inch figure he is really heavy… Don’t drop him on a glass display shelf!

He’s super simple, just white with black accents and doesn’t do anything… And I think that was part of the appeal for me. It’s an item which perfectly muddies the water between toy (which is what it’s classed as in her shop), collectible (as it’s limited edition, and signed on the bottom which was a nice touch – I might have to bring the comic next time I know she’s at mum London to get that signed too though!) and art (because… well, that’s just what it is).

As a collector of in the box figures, he isn’t displayed with my pops and action figures but instead takes pride of place in my nerd cabinet alongside lego models and mystery minis which have no box to display them in… And he doesn’t look an inch out of place alongside brands like lego, titan and funko – testament to Charlotte’s design skills, and of course the people who produced these.

And at just £15 each at the moment he was an absolute steal! Well happy with this addition to my collection!

Even if he’s not your cup of tea pop over to her site where you’ll find links to all the places you can find her online. There’s bound to be some way she’ll interest you amongst her many talents, whether it’s with her art work, her modelling (I know her calendars are always very popular – especially the derp one’s), as a cosplayer, streaming on twitch or designing items for Hard Times Clothing who are another brand you need to check out.

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