Funko Pint Size Heroes: Horror

For a long time I’d been avoiding the pint size heroes as they just didn’t appeal to me – their size and the fact that the majority of them come in blind bags aren’t something I was interested in collecting… That is until I found one on special offer and purchased it. I went back to the same shop after opening my first one and purchased everything they had in stock, which included 2 of the horror series.

As I made the effort, and spent the money on going back and getting some more, I’m sure you can imagine that I was pretty happy with the quality! As you’d expect from a Funko product, the quality is very high from the vinyl work through to the intricate paint jobs, which on figures of about an inch tall, is very detailed. Just as you’d expect from a pop figure, they have a large cartoonised head with exaggerated features, but their stuck on top of a bowling pin shaped body, more like you’d expect from the dorbz… It’s almost like the two figure types had a tiny cute baby!

I don’t usually like surprises, but these are very cool to open, adding a bit of suspense and fun to the proceedings, so I’ll certainly be buying more, and I’m going to try and avoid, as much as I can, going on places like eBay to look for missing figures.

This is the horror series which I’m talking about first, and it’s a really cool selection of figures, each of which you have a 1 in 12 chance of getting. The figure collection includes; Elvira, Cthulu, Pin Head, Spike, Chucky, Jason, Carrier, Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Krampus and Beetlejuice (don’t go by the back of the packaging which doesn’t show Krampus but instead shows Spike twice, with Krampus being shown on the leaflet inside).

The whole set is amazing and for my first 2 I got Chucky and Cthulu with chucky being suitably creepy and Cthulu having amazing detail on the tentacles around its mouth and wings on its back… They are the perfect way to start this collection. I do hope however that they’ll bring out another series of horror pint size heroes as I’d love to see the likes of Billy from Saw, Dracula or even a full set of the Walking Dead characters!

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