American Horror Story Minis

With the new series of American Horror Story having now started it had me reminiscing a little about some of the merchandise which has been available for this series… And to be honest it hasn’t been super saturated with figures, but those which have become available are usually really cool thanks to the subject matter which this series invokes! And for me, as a keen funko collector, I must say that the company which has captured these characters in the most unique and dare I say coolest way might just be Titan Merchandise with their mini series – and wouldn’t you know it, these guys are from right here in the UK!

These figures came out back in 2017 from what I can gather and to be honest recently I’ve not seen many of them for sale any more, but they were the first mystery figures we’d purchased in a long time, and I must say it reminded me that it’s really great fun.

I’ve only got 3 of these, Pig Man, Twsisty and Sister Jude, but there’s a whole bunch of them to collect including; Tate Langdon, Moira O’Hara, Pepper, Misty Day, Marie Laveau, Betty & Dot, Addiction Demon, the Countess and the Butcher… So a really nice selection throughout the series up to Roanoke. There are however a few other cool characters I’d have loved to see, but then I suppose they can’t keep going for ever!

They’re really well made, perfectly finished, great level of detail for their size & style, and speaking of which they are stylized perfectly – in line with the rest of the range of products this company makes but close enough to the characters that you never have to even question who it might be.

I really should have more of their products in my collection!

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