Max Rockatansky (Blood Bag Chase) Pop Review

Character Background

Max Rockatansky is the main protagonist of the Mad Max movie franchise, originally played by Mel Gibson, and then later (much better) played by Tom Hardy in the 4th installment of the franchise, Fury Road. It is this final Fury Road film which this particular pop is based on, in particular the beginning to middle portion of the film where he is captured by a group of war boys and used as a walking blood transfusion bag for one of the War Boys called Nux. He then becomes caught up the Furiosa chase, joining her and 5 of Immortan Joe’s breeders.

The Pop Figure

The standard Max Rockatansky pop doesn’t have the metal gag, however other than that it’s pretty much the same. This chase is a pretty cool alternative over that standard pop and out of the two it’s definately my favourite (which isn’t always the case for the chase pops).

It’s not the most colourful pop, just a lot of earthy tones with the silver of the gag being a nice contrast against these, especially because the detail on this accessory is on point – from the chain through to the padlock.

Through making a start on this blog I first started to even just open pop boxes (being an avid in the box collector), and this one has a cool little touch on the lid tab saying “What a lovely day”. The box is the same as the normal pop with the exception of the silver special edition sticker on the plastic.

Any Changes?

I think it’s a pretty cool representation of a great character and there are only 2 things which I would change. The first of these is that he’s too clean! Get some grime on him!

The second isn’t a change as such but a whole other copy of this chase, maybe an alternative in black and white, based on the black and chrome version of the movie.

Value & Rarity

This chase was originally an exclusive for Walmart but it seems to have gone out in fairly high numbers and online they’re pretty readily available, and not at a high price either. The trending value in fact is lower than your average pop price in the UK.

Funko Pop Subscription Service with Pop in a Box

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