Spotting a Fake Captain Spaulding Funko Pop

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This is just going to be a short article about a number of fake Captain Spaulding (based on the Sid Haig character in House of 1,000 Corpses, the Devil’s Rejects and 3 From Hell) Funko Pop figures which have made it on to the market from at least one seller based in Hong Kong. One of the first tell tale signs that there is something not quite right with this pop or the seller in general is that the item is listed as being in Dublin, whilst the seller is located in Hong Kong.

Places like eBay give a certain level of security to the buyer however and I thought to myself when I saw this pop (available for just the normal pop price of 14.99) that even though there was a good chance that this is some kind of a scam, there is also a very slight chance that it might not be. So I took a gamble and thought I’d add a couple more Spauldings to my collection…. For the future of course!

They took 2 weeks to arrive, which is a long time for a pop from Dublin and when it did arrive it clearly came from Hong Kong, something which was reaffirmed later when I opened a dispute to get these returned as he said that the return would be expensive and difficult…. To Hong Kong mayhem, but not to Dublin from the UK!

As soon as I unpacked them I knew that they were fake, and you don’t need to be an expert to tell a fake one of these, with it becoming even clearer when held up against my genuine one at home. Check out the photos below and list of differences (the fake funko is always on the right in the photos):

• The box is flimsy with card not being as thick as a genuine box. This lead to both becoming damaged to some extent during transit.
• The white parts (most of this pop) are not as crisp and bright as the original, having an almost dirty looking finish.
• The buttons on his front are poorly finished, blending in to one another.
• The eyes on the original are gloss black whilst the fake has matte black eyes.
• The bottoms of the shoes of the original are gloss black whilst the fakes have matte black soles.
• The beard of the fake is poorly finished.
• The hat of the fake is poorly coloured.
• The finish on the hands for the fake are poor with lots of excess material left from the mould join.
• Slight inconsistencies in the size which you only notice when they are next to one another, however when you pick them up you can tell that the fake is also slightly lighter than the genuine one.
• The head of the fake is very loose.
• Around the joints the fake ones are poorly glued leaving a brown residue which has dried in and around the joints.

Real captain spaulding pop
Fake captain spaulding pop

I have to say, that if you leave them in the box and put them up on a shelf where you see them from far away, they don’t look shockingly bad. However, up close, especially next to the genuine article they really are a poor quality imitation of an amazing pop figure. You don’t want this to end up in your collection because you’ll know it’s not real, it won’t hold any value as an investment and they’re just taking away from the whole Funko experience.

I have ended up with 2 of these and now need to find some way of disposing of them, I’ll try and find a fun way to do so. They won’t be leaving my collection to join someone else’s as I won’t be selling them or giving them away, unless of course Funko want to see them once I get my money back from the seller…. I’ve stopped hearing from them so I assume that they won’t be wanting me to send them back. If you ever do find yourself in possession of a fake it might be worth while letting the place you buy them through know (in this case it was eBay) as well as Funko who might be interested in someone stealing their designs and giving them a bad name by producing poor quality imitation pop figures.

In the mean time if you want some more background about the character of Captain Spaulding and want to see my review of the original genuine article, which is currently my favourite pop in my collection, please check it out here.

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