Killer Weekend

(A.K.A F.U.B.A.R)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A stag party head off for a survival weekend, paint-balling with a zombie theme, run by an ex military group. If you watch this film on Sky Cinema it’s in the horror section, but the reference of zombies in the context of a fake survival situation, and the use of awful makeup is as far as the horror reference goes. It’s definitely comedy and it has hint of action and you might call it comedy-thriller. Keep those in mind and you won’t be disappointed by the lack of horror.

As the stag-do continues more and more things go wrong, and the body count keeps inadvertently rising among references of sex (with the world’s oldest stripper?), booze, idiocy and drugs

So, this all sounds like a lot of fun… and to be honest it is a fun film, but at the same time I was pretty glad that its less than an hour and a half long. I don’t think they could have pushed the story any further than they did and adding any further fillers would have taken away more from the film than it could have given.

You can tell that it was a fairly low budget films so it doesn’t need to rely very much on special effects, the makeup looks a lot like it was applied by the actors themselves, especially the zombie makeup and a cast entirely made up of people who quite frankly I’ve never heard of.

Its definitely a laugh and its a strangely enjoyable watch, but I also think that the language used and the type of humor really does make this appeal far more to a British audience.

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